Take Me Home

Take Me Home is a free program provided by the Pensacola Police Department that manages a database of information on individuals with special needs, developmental or cognitive disability who may need assistance if they are found alone or have difficulty communicating.

The database includes a picture, disability information, physical description and emergency contact information for all registered individuals. If a person in the Take Me Home program is encountered alone by a police officer or is reported missing, the officer can access the database by the person’s name or physical description to locate their information. This is a free service offered to developmentally and cognitively disabled citizens in the Pensacola area.



Offered Through

Pensacola Police Department

The Fine Print

For more information on the Take Me Home program, contact Lt. Jimmy Donohoe of the Pensacola Police Department at (850) 436-5416 or via email at jdonohoe@cityofpensacola.com.

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