Kids for Camp lead teachers awarded classroom grants

Kids for Camp lead teachers awarded classroom grants

Published on December 13, 2016

One of the ways Autism Pensacola supports its leadership staff from Kids for Camp all year long is through our Fall Grant Opportunity. This is our second year providing grants to lead teachers from Kids for Camp. The teachers received their awards for the 2016-17 school year on December 2nd.

Each of these projects are incredible and are truly going to add value to each classroom. By enhancing the teachers’ classrooms, we increase our reach into the community. We are proud to partner with educators from both Santa Rosa and Escambia county school districts.

This year’s grant recipients are:

Kelley Bahn, teacher at West Pensacola Elementary, “Flexible Furniture for Flexible learners,” movement while learning

Keerstin Blankenbeck, teacher at King Middle School, “Surviving Anxiety through Self-Awareness,” self-regulation tool

Deb Brown, teacher at West Pensacola Elementary, “Wiggle to Success,” flexible seating for the classroom

Jennifer Burgemeister, teacher at Woodlawn Beach Middle, “emwave: Inner Balance,” self-regulation tool

Peggy Woy, teacher at Capstone Academy, “Early Start Denver Model,” behavioral assessments for early learners

Kerri Barone, teacher at West Navarre Primary, “Feeling Sensory?”, sensory bins for self-regulation

Keri Odom, teacher at Hobbs Middle School, “Jags Café and Pay Day,” invaluable skills through CBI

Ina Sporkia, teacher at West Pensacola Elementary, “Gross Motor and Sensory Skills,” building on occupational skills

To be considered for a lead teacher position at camp, professionals must demonstrate excellence in best-practice techniques for working with individuals with autism, and these educators are certainly no exception.

Autism Pensacola’s Kids for Camp is a data-driven program that uses best-practice techniques, specifically Applied Behavior Analysis, to contribute to both the skill acquisition of the individuals with autism and the continuing education of the teachers, support staff, and college students who work with those with autism. Autism Pensacola is committed to continuously improving the camp experience, thus remaining a model of quality and integrity to the community.

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