Events for July 2024

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May 2nd @ 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Connecting the Pieces Gala

Our Connecting the Pieces Gala is returning as the major fundraiser for Autism Pensacola’s resources, programs, and services. The Gala was created in 2004 by grandparents, Sharon and Logan Fink, to support the flagship program, Kids for Camp Summer Learning Lab, a summer camp program created by Judy Burns specifically for children with autism. Not only does Kids for Camp provide a safe environment for children to socialize, learn, and grow, it also is the platform for teachers, students, and teen volunteers for gaining hands on experience to bring out into their classrooms and the community.

Over the years, Connecting the Pieces Gala has been one of the major sources of revenue for Autism Pensacola, thanks to the generosity of sponsors, guests, and other donors, empowered Autism Pensacola to transform the organization from an all-volunteer group of parents, families, and advocates of children with autism to the professionally-run nonprofit it is today.

The sole purpose of the Gala is to fund an organization that serves hundreds upon hundreds of children, individuals, and families with autism, as well as one that brings awareness and advocacy to the surrounding Gulf Coast service area. In partnership with agencies, organizations, and other entities associated with autism, Autism Pensacola continues to be the premiere source of solace for those affected by autism, taking their hands and leading them through the journey so that they will never be alone again.