Steps for Autism Teams

Meet the Teams who are raising money to support Autism Pensacola!

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CJ's Warriors

Calling all CJ’S WARRIORS out there to open your hearts, donate a little or a lot and help make a difference for Caydence and so many other individuals on the spectrum in our local area.

Conner's Birthday Wish

Conner’s family is raising money for Autism Pensacola and its program, Kids for Camp.

Team Dandelions

We are raising funds to spread awareness, acceptance, and build resources in our local community.

Deborah Burgett

Our family is passionate about raising funds for autism awareness along with supporting our local community’s awareness for the programs in our city like Autism Pensacola and Kids For Camp. We are excited for anyone who donates and participates in Steps For Autism!

Heroes for Hannah

Our team is fundraising because API provides critical services for our kids on the Spectrum and the community. API also seeks to educate the community about the amazing gifts our kids can share in an effort to create an environment of acceptance.

Hughbear's Heroes

Steps for Autism is an amazing fundraising season for my local community and our wonderful organization Autism Pensacola! Please donate today to our team Hughbear’s Heroes! Every little bit helps and it means so so much to know you care and support us!

Joseph Stewart

My son is Autistic & the support systems out there are amazing. I really would like to help reach this goal to show my support and love for the autism community & all the amazing people involved. These beautiful angels are amazing humans and deserve the best life possible along with all the children of the world.

Lillian Steyne

This is such a good organization. I have family members that are on the spectrum and want each person to be able to have the best life possible.

Max Security Squad

Max Security Squad advocates for increased safety and awareness programs in our community. Our family has benefited so much from these services and we want to make sure that every family has a village and an arsenal of resources to assure their loved one remains as safe as possible.

Micah & the Moo

My family is passionate about Autism Pensacola because we believe in its mission. Our community is better when we all work together!

Noah's Ninjas

API has been an amazing support system for our family since moving to Pensacola in 2015. They have been a part of our village every step of our Autism Journey with Noah.

The O'Connells

Steps for Autism is an event that is very near and dear to our hearts. The funds raised from this event will help improve safety, quality of life and awareness initiatives in our community for individuals like our son, Ryan. We are hopeful that you will consider making a donation and support Steps!

Team Rylee

Supporting Rylee and other autistic friends.

Stunters for Tunters

Hastings (Tunters) is a brilliant, witty, lovable five year old that is on the autism spectrum. He loves swimming, Autism Camp and playing with friends.

Susan Byram

My son, David has taught me so much over the years and I am grateful for this amazing organization that walks with the families in our area as they journey through the joys and challenges of living with autism. I want to raise funds to support them all and ensure this work continues and even expands to meet the growing needs of this fascinating disability.

Team Super Noah

Team Super Noah is raising funds to support Autism Pensacola (API), an organization that does an AWESOME job of serving the members of our Autism community. By donating to API, you will help this great organization to keep doing all the great things that they do for so many families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Tigers for Autism

Cameron Michles and Natalie Tran are Pensacola High School IB students hoping to encourage their classmates (as well as others in the teen community) to support programs like Autism Pensacola by spreading awareness of the subject within their school.

Trekking With Trey

Trek along with Trey & friends as we make “Steps for Autism” awareness and acceptance in our community. Trey is an 8 year old boy that brings laughter to whoever has the blessing to meet him and does not let the challenges of autism get in his way. Help us help Autism Pensacola and their efforts to serve local families throughout Escambia and Santa Rosa counties!

Two Pirates and a Princess

We do all we do for all three of our children, two of whom are on the spectrum.